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Boarding Your Dog.
by: Ruth Bird
If it's not possible to bring your dog along on your vacation, you'll have to arrange for his care while you're away. One choice is to have a reliable person come to your home several times a day to feed, water, exercise, and spend time with your dog. You could always hire a professional pet-sitter, these services are springing up in many places. This however is a whole separate topic. You would need lots of references before you could trust someone to come and spend so much time with your pet. Another consideration is that dogs have a tendency to "look" for their masters. So make sure that your dog will not be able to escape to find you, wherever you chose to keep your dog. Dogs can be great escape artists, and will practically do anything to look for their masters.

I own three dogs, and the very few times I have left my dogs was with my vet. That is not always the best choice for everyone. Remember you must feel comfortable about where you leave your pet. Don't leave you pet in a place if you have doubts. These doubts could nag you on your vacation.

Another solution is to board your dog at a reputable kennel. Prices and services for kennels vary, but whether you choose your vet's office or a lavish "dog spa" , pay special attention to the following.

Trust your common sense when visiting a kennel as a possible spot for your dog.

Meet the staff. Do you like them? Are they naturally happy? Again, trust your senses.

Make sure that the whole kennel, outdoor and indoor runs included, is clean and safe.

Make sure there are no offensive odors. A kennel should NOT stink of doggy smells. I remember one place I went into, it stunk so bad I just turned right around again. Terrible.

Check the temperature. It should not be too hot or too cold. Also, see if there is ventilation. You donít want your dog in a stagnant air situation. I know that goldens and labs do not tolerate heat well.

The pens should be spacious for the size of your dog.

The running area should be clean and made of concrete. Outdoor areas must be shaded.

It should be will lit.

If they are responsible kennel owners, they will ask you for proof of shots for your dog.

I believe a very important point is to take a tour of the boarding facility. You should be taken in to where the pets are housed. It should be clean.

Make sure your dog is secure in the kennel. Could he escape to try to find you? This is a very important step.

Doggy Ideas...

Bring along your dog's bed or blankie and favorite toys. Try not to be stressed when you drop your dog off. A dog can sense this. Once you have chosen the place for your dog, you should feel comfortable and guilt free to leave your pet there. If you are confident, your dog will feel this.

About the author:
My name is Ruth Bird. I have been married for 27 years to my husband, Chris. Chris has been battling the monster, MS, for a number of years. People and Pet Health Care are my passions. Contact me here http://www.mimfreedom.comMy Pet iste is:

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