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Furnishing Your Aquarium In 4 Easy Steps
by: John Morris
Furnishing your aquarium is another important process in aquarium set up after getting the tank. You will need to put in components that will make it looks more beautify and attractive.

How you do this will now depend largely on the type of the habitants that you intend to keep. Regardless below I have outlined in 4 simple steps what needs to be done to create a beautiful aquarium that you will be proud of:

Step 1. Add aquarium gravel

Gravel is essential to your aquarium most especially if you are using natural plants. It will help in holding plant roots and provide the foundation for the biological and under gravel filtration. Since gravel comes in different sizes and colours, the advised size is 4 to 6 millimeters because it provides flow for an undergravel filter and the most popular is quartzite or granite.

Step 2. Add Rocks:

Adding rock is very important to your aquarium as it provide isolated home for territorial fish. Add rocks can upset your aquarium ecosystem thus it's advisable that you take measures to prevent this.

Also since you may not know how save rock you want to add is, it's very important that you clean them up to remove contaminants.

Step 3. Add Bogwood

This is another essential factor that adds to the beauty of aquarium and it can last long time. Not only that, aquarium habitats need shelter and bogwood provides this. When adding bogwood makes sure that it is well cleaned and it's not infected. To be sure that its infection free takes it through process of poly-vanish.

Step 4. Add Plants

Plants also add to the beauty of your aquarium. There are two types of plants - plastic plants and live (natural) plants.

It's very easy to use plastic plants because they need little or no maintenance. You just clean them up with clean water and add. On the other hand live plants helps in biological process of aquarium and helping to keep your tank clean and healthy.

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