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Lights for night Kayakers
by: Tamara Williams
At night a kayaker will need at least one white light on their kayak so that it can be shown in the direction of any oncoming boaters. All Lights used for Kayaking should be waterproof and be using new batteries when starting out for the night. A handheld flashlight will do for most kayakers. It is wise to check your local boating laws for the exact requirements. Boats over 16 ft often have greater lighting requirements. Find out Your Kayaks Length and be prepared for the safety rules that apply to it.

The best form of "white light" for a Kayaker is a "Deck Light" (also referred to as an anchor light). A strong white light that you can see from all directions is ideal, yet not very practical for a kayaker. If they had a pole light it would be cumbersome and inhibit the maneuverability of the kayak. A simple deck light would suit the kayaker better.

Deck or (Anchor) Lights are usually mounted at the Stern (back) of the boat. Often other lights such as Red for Port (left) and Green for Starboard (right) are used in combination with the Anchor light. The white front light is not as important if these other colored lights can already be seen from the front.

Navigating Lights are often not required for small vessels like the Kayak but they increase your chances of being seen. For Your uninhibited vision sake be sure to have all Navigation lighting not glaring in your eyes (point them straight or slightly down if effecting your vision. Along with this be sure that your white anchor light is behind you as well. All these help preserve a clearer night vision.

Headlights can also enhance your night vision. As well they can help locate navigation aids such as the channel markers and buoys.

About the author:
Tamara Williams is a successful author and regular contributor for Inflatable Kayaks and Boats. a site dedicated to providing valuable information and tips on kayaking products and boating in general.

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