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Snowboard Clothing
by: Tamara Williams
It is amazing to see the great changes that sports clothes have suffered through history, and of course snowboarding is not an exception. Since the very moment snowboarders appeared, they have shown a unique style, a way of life that differs significantly from other sports such as skiing.

Skiing is considered a classic sport; ski competitions are much alike each other and everyone who skies has a style which seems to be the same from person to person. On the other hand, snowboarding is a sport based on individuality and freedom. As many other sportsmen and women, snowboarders have a special set of clothing specifically designed for them, much like people who practice urban sports such as skateboarding.

Season after season, snowboard clothing seems to evolve to allow snowboarders more freedom, as they need to jump ad high as possible and do many difficult movements.
Although this freedom to move is essential and highly appreciated by boarders, they also search for clothing that offers the maximum possible durability, without disregarding quality.

As new fabrics appear on the market, snowboard clothing is becoming more stretchable and breathable, providing waterproof protection at the same time.

But let’s not forget about the looks!. As many other sportsmen and women, snowboarders prefer clothing that reflects their lifestyle; outstanding looks will help them distinguish from their boarder fellows, preserving and enhancing their feeling of uniqueness. Blacks, dark blues and navies are being less used than before, as sky blues, light reds and grays are (mostly combined with lightful colors, as yellow or bright orange) becoming the number one snowboarders’ choice.

Many snowboarding clothes manufacturers are beginning to make jackets without hoods; some even remove pockets from their jacket designs. This results not only in “cool” looks, but make the clothes less expensive too. They are also beginning to make their clothing less bulky, and as a result many snowboarders show their taste for slimwear.

About the author:
Tamara Williams is a successful author and contributor to Snowboard Clothing a site committed to providing snowboarders tips, information and gear that will help them in their sport.

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