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The Most Fatal Mistake Must Be Avoided by Dog Owner
by: Andrew Heuw
When it comes to training their dog, most people just only want their dog to become the next lassie. No matter what way. Itís such dangerous to have your dog obey in tough way.

While, indeed, you can still manage to train your dog in this way, like the old circus did a long time ago. Considering the effect for long termÖDo your dog still obey you year after year? Or they suddenly turnaround to be your greatest enemy?

Weíve seen so many dog attacked their neighbor. I assume is not their fault. Itís because their ownerís fault. Why I assume like that? Because, believe or not, dog has similar behavior with human. When you threatening your son like nice guy, when grow up the chance are heíll become nice guy and vice versa.

So, itís very important to train your dog not based on fear. But based on respect you. Your dog is your family, that will protect, and do whatever you want. But only when you know how to communicate with them.

In a matter of fact, your skill to communicate with dog, can make you earning a hundred thousands of dollars. Want a proof? Just go to Hollywood.

Itís such important to train your dog carefully. And more important when come to choose the kind of methods to train your dog. When youíre busy and donít have a time to train your dog, should you hire professional trainer? ShouldnĎt , donít ever do that.

Train your own dog is important to develop the connection between you and your dog. This connection can be developed by giving your dog to stranger. You donít need to train your dog overnight, just spent 15 minutes each day is enough.

Remember, never hand your dog over to stranger to be trained.

Training your dog need consistency like everything else. Itís non-sense to believe your dog can close the door on his own in a night. Everything need a time. But eventually, your consistency will be paid off. Just do it step-by-step donít overdo it.

Threat your dog like the way you should ( as your best friend) and not like a toy.

About the author:
Andrew Heuw is "extraordinary" internet entrepreneur. Recognized as one of the best. His web site,,provides a wealth of informative article and resources on everything you'll ever to know about your dog.

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