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The old fashioned books Vs. Free audio books
by: Paton Jackson
In the last two decades a new concept has arisen - The concept of listening to a book instead of reading it. The audio book technology is still developing but audio books are getting more and more popular. However, the old fashioned book is still the much more common than any other method. In this article we will elaborate on the differences between these two book methods:

1. Size and Weight The audio book does not have the limitation of the the size and the amount of the printing words. The technology advance imposes the size of the audio book. The newest audio books could be stored as an audio file in mobile electronic devices as Ipod or Palm pilot.

2. Convenience - The audio book has the limitation of listening only from certain predefined sections or from the exact point one stopped listening the last time. Reading an old fashioned book is much more flexible of course. If you only want to go through a book without reading it from start to end, do not even consider getting an audio book.
Listening to an audio book could be done anywhere anytime while exercising in the gym, driving through the heavy traffic to work etc. It can help you make the most of your time. Reading the old fashioned book requires certain conditions like concentration and quiet and relaxed surroundings.

3.Price Surprisingly, in general the old fashioned books costs less than audio books. Depending on the different titles and different methods of audio books it can vary. Among the audio books, audio books on MP3 files are the less expensive ones.

4. The experience the experience of reading a book is unique and can not be the same listening to audio books. In addition, audio books do not have drawings or paintings in them like some of the old fashioned books.

Summing up, we believe that audio books and the old fashioned books could exist together and not one instead of the other.

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