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What Is A Black Orchid - Fascinating But Elusive
by: Bob Roy
Do they really exist? Where is the black orchid? These questions and others have on orchid hobbyists minds for centuries.

Orchid growers and hobbyists have been trying to grow this orchid for a very long time. They have tried many different orchid plants and hybrid varieties to get to this orchid.

There seems to have been a fascination for black anything. You have people striving for black gladiolus, black canna- lillies and yes even black corn. (I'm not sure if they ever got the black corn.)

There are many other references to "black orchid" in detective mysteries, in names of clubs and restaurants as well as on the stage. In fact, go on to Amazon and look at the book "Black Orchid" by Dave McKean.

As far as I can judge from the reviews growers were close but still didn't accomplish what their goal was. Some of the orchids that do come close include the Laelicattleya Lc Mem. Robert Strait "Blue Hawaii" which has a black lip.

The Vanda David Gardner #1 has purplish areas under black speckles. There is a black tongued orchid, the Epigeneium amplum. Another example is the Liparis nervosa, a Japanese version of this orchid plant but when you look at it you can seen it is not really black.

There are still a lot of misconceptions about orchids. Some of the myths that still persist include that orchids are difficult to grow. This can't be further from the truth. In fact today orchids like the phalaenopsis or cattleyas are very easy to grow.

Another misconception is that all orchids need to grow in a greenhouse. Once again, some of the best places for orchid plants is in the home where there is bright light. Some of the orchids do well near a West facing window.

It seems that all the hard work by hybridization specialists still have been alluded them and the orchid has not really been developed. It remains a hope for any grower or hobbyist to get the crown that says, "I did it".

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